October 11, 2021

NY NOW Retail Store Visit Highlight from @amy.atnynow featuring @pinkchickenny. Be sure to check out their IG accounts.

Taking a long weekend before Market, I packed my bag and ran to my brothers for a few days. Seeing family and friends is good for the soul and brunch in Amagansett allows me to break bread and then… hit the stores!

If you do not know of @pinkchickenny allow me to introduce you! PC is more than a clothing company. It’s a joyful flock- of happy and creative souls- of mothers and daughters. Books, toys, dolls, art, even bikes and all the accessories needed for the chic kiddos in your lives! But the clothing… OMG! You have not seen anything like this until you have perused the racks or their website.

Owner Stacey Fraser took a break from her corporate gig to focus on her young daughter and new baby girl while living in NYC and spending summer weekends at the beach. During nap times, she’d sew garments made of a multitude of patterns from bright block prints to 60’s florals. The spirit of sunny beach days and her love for vintage textiles came together to create easy and stylish pieces for the beach or dinner, for herself and her daughters. A passion that was nurtured from grandmother.

They take their inspiration, all in-house design and patterns, from decades past and faraway places. Every piece can weather the wear of playing, exploring and happy adventuring and with every 10 dresses sold they donate 1 to brighten the day of children everywhere! To date they have donated over 20k pieces and counting! All 5 PC locations are all practicing sustainability as they are looking to take care of the Earth for future generations. At the end of the day, they’re a little vintage. A little bohemian. Very Pink Chicken.

August 08-11, 2021  |  Javits Center