Pucci Manuli

July 8, 2021

NY NOW Retail Store Visit Highlight from @amy.atnynow featuring @puccimanuli Be sure to check out their IG accounts!

I was greeted by a life-sized baby elephant when I entered pucciManuli! I had to stop a moment and take in the magical world created by Carrie, Annie her store Mgr and staff. I was short of words… which is pretty odd for me! But @puccimanuli literally takes your breath away but in the best way. I had no comprehension of the magnitude of the treat I was in for. Everywhere I looked, from floor to ceiling there were the sweet faces of every creature and critter in the world along with children and robots all smiling back at me. There were buckets full of flowers and stars and rainbows for dancing under. Books filled with gratitude and love along every wall and table. Mushrooms and Macaroons! I agree with Carrie that adults have more fun here than the children, because your inner child is being unleashed the further you step into her store.

PM in Ardmore, PA thrives on the extraordinary, unique and special. They believe the act of giving comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, whether you’re giving a thoughtful gift, paying it forward and/or giving back. They are committed to giving back to their global community, to ensure the act of giving comes full circle.

Recognizing a significant void in the retail environment, specifically the children’s market, Carrie saw the tremendous opportunity to highlight more than the mass produced and factory plastics. Drawn to the true leaders and innovators of the industry, she learned the makers had wonderful stories to tell. The unique combination of these gifts and the stories they tell add value to both our lives and the lives of the gift recipients, enhance our connections to one another, and ultimately builds community.

From the delightful trail of sparkles that follows you on her website to her supercool IG.. Carrie creates magic with whatever she touches! In the Summer of 2019, she was one of @ny_now 10 to watch and she still is.

August 08-11, 2021  |  Javits Center