Awesome Brooklyn

July 8, 2021

NY NOW Retail Store Visit Highlight from @amy.atnynow featuring @awesomebrooklyn Be sure to check out their IG accounts.

So you wanna hear something AWESOME!?! How about something a little @awesomebrooklyn?

AB is brought to you by longtime friend of @ny_now Vanessa Raptopoulos and her sweet family. It was her dream to own a store so she found a location and made it happen. AB is a neighborhood specialty gift store located in a lively section of Flatbush called Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Since 2017 Awesome opened its doors to the community and has been met with lots of that Brooklyn 💖 ever since.

Vanessa’s extremely talented eye and deep understanding of the gifting industry is more than recognizable when you enter her store. From her incredible greeting cards and crafting accessories… to her own branded Awesome candles (oh the Lakeside scent!) and home décor items… her popular I Love New York / Brooklyn items and Girl Power … to her celebration of community and minority owned businesses is what makes AB a respected destination for her awesome community. 🌎

If you don’t know Vanessa, you should. Visit her store, her website and connect with her. She is a forward thinking and moving curator of all that is good and necessary

August 08-11, 2021  |  Javits Center