From black, blue and white to unique mixes of metals, the interior design trends that we began to see come to market in Spring 2016, made their full force debut this February in almost every collection found at NY NOW. From a design perspective, brands and designers are ushering in the use of vibrant colors, luxurious Victorian era style, and warming up home spaces with natural wood and warm metal tones. Across the board, NY NOW’s industry experts are seeing an element of sophistication present all product categories. The biggest trends seen on the NY NOW show floor include:

""Bars Are Still Hot: From wine decanters to cocktail sets, bar books to unique bar carts, mixology has become an art that continues to spill into home spaces.

Patterned Wallcoverings: Wallpaper started to make it’s comeback in 2015, though now it’s here as one the largest trends in design. Solid color walls be gone. Look for dramatic paisley, overscaled florals, and abstract patterns.

Cerused Woods: NY NOW trend experts are seeing cerused and limed-wax finishes in dramatic hues of black, “greige,” and dark gray. This technique adds color to wood while also revealing its unusual grain.

Amazing Marble: Marble, especially in shades of white and light gray, is a popular material for countertops, flooring and tabletops, and we are seeing it in smaller tabletop goods as well.

""Animal Skins For Texture:  Real and faux leather hides are being used as an element for texture; while you’ll still find cowhides on the floor, look for deer hide, water buffalo and other skins in unusual places throughout the home.

Shiny Metal Finishes: In the never ending trend of mixing metals, polished brass and bronze knobs, knockers and drawer pulls are back in a big way. Let the hardware swapping commence.

""Marble Surfaces: Black and white marble is not only a design material, but a textile pattern. Look out for marble motifs in carpets, wallcoverings, and even fabrics.

Jewel Tones: White walls have their place, especially if the furniture and decor they are accented with contain bold, vibrant emerald, amethyst and indigo blue hues. Consumers are starting to hunger for color once again.

Velvet – The “IT” Fabric: Velvet fabrics and textures weave their way into anything from sofas to pillows to curtains. There is not a hard and fast color palette for larger velvet furniture pieces either. They come in all of the 2017 Pantone colors.

Overdyed Rugs: Natural fibers and solid colors are classics, but the jewel-toned trend is pushing brand and interior professionals to use rugs with rich, saturated colors in their designs. If they aren’t on the floor, you’ll also find them on a wall!

""Exhibitors Featured: Bitters Co. | Michael Aram | Green Apple | Two’s Company

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