Amy at NY NOW


As we all are finding our way through these pandemic times, it’s more than clear that our landscape has changed forever. I’ve been thankful to have had so many incredible conversations over the past weeks with industry talents ranging from retailers to vendors from show rooms to trade show management. I know that you all have had these wonderful and tough conversations as well. How could we have imagined such a global epidemic happening to us? Our realities have changed immensely. Please know that it has been these conversations that has fueled and motivated me when I am running low.

Yet as we navigate through these unprecedented times, I am grateful for the ability to not just connect but to continue. The way I see it is that the initial shock has subsided, and our new perspectives are forming. I keep thinking about the adage that whatever happens we can always count on change. And in this time of great uncertainty… we do know that we can continue to expect the unexpected and to me that has always meant an opportunity for growth.

I realized recently that through the connections that I am making daily and the conversations that I am a part of… that I was oddly excited to see what comes next. Because there always is a next. I realized that for the first time I felt a bit a happiness and once I recognized that… my ability to laugh came back. How do we experience joy in a time of sadness? How can we not? I have found my comfort in having zoom meetings and I have found enjoyment in virtual socializing as I sit here in my NYC apartment. This is our time to have the conversations and do the research on those ideas that we have not yet acted upon. It’s time to utilize all the free resources that are out there in abundance and try something new.

If you are not already- get comfortable with digital. Do an IG Live or a virtual Meet the Maker… have a Happy Hour with all your friends, learn French. I am grateful that I have the tools at my disposal that allows me to pull myself away from what could turn into a vacuum of solitude. I continue to be delighted with the desire to share and collaborate that we are seeing across all industry lines. That we are recognizing that fear is not a sign of weakness but can be a motivation to push us to find the silver linings that are so important right now. Those linings can also pave the way to our new path. Push through the fear. Connect with someone. Join a group. Support where you can. Reach out to me. We are all here for you.
Sending you all well wishes, and I hope to see you soon.

Amy Loewenberg
Retail Relations & Partnership Development Manager

IG: @amy.atnynow
LinkedIn: Amy Loewenberg