In our recent article on Pantone color trends,  we outlined nine distinct trends that were driving the color choices of home decor, personal products, and gifts in 2017. Within those trends, bold and unique uses of black and blues, sometimes accented with white came in very strong.

In the Reminiscence trend, which we described as a moody walk down memory lane, key shades like maritime blue conveyed a sense of nostalgia and stability.

"WorldPeaces-6220" "VidaDolceByKristen-1"

In the Graphic Imprints trend, the palette starts with a base of black and white, but then pulls in a series of strong, vibrant colors with names that tell a story themselves; in this case: beautiful blue.

"Unknown-6651" "TribaLins-6613" "Tribalinks-6576" "SwansIslandCompanyxWholesaleCollective-1"

Dazzling blue and maritime blue gave way to varying rich tones of indigo and turquoise, also complimented by teal. From contemporary design to global artisans, see how the colors played out in the products below:

"SuzaniWorldDesigns-1-3" "Suzani "SanLorenzoDesign-1"   "OneWorldObjects-6691" "MesoLifestyle-6208" "MesoGoods-6235" "MartynkaWawrzyniak-6487" "ManosDelUrguay-1" "Lotusland-6354" "ITOBindery-5864" "HasamiPorcelian-5870" "HasamiPorcelian-5858" "FOND-6054" "DistantEcho-6453"

Exhibitors Featured: Abrazo Style | All Across Africa | Distant Echo | Escanca Studio | FOND | Hasami Porcelain | Ito Bindery | Kiondo | Lotus Land | Manos De Uruguay | Martynka Wakryniak | Mata Traders | Meso Lifestyle | One World Objects | Passion Lilie | San Lorenzo Design | Suzani World Designs | Swan Island Co | Tribalinks | Vida Dolce by Kristen | World Pieces

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