Meet Nicole Leinbach Reyhl, the Master Mind behind RetailMinded


Meet Nicole Leinbach Reyhl

The Master Mind behind RetailMinded

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Q. What sparked your passion for the retail industry?

A. When I was a young girl, my mother, sisters and I would spend many afternoons strolling our local Main Street and local mall. At a young age, I appreciated the social aspect that retail not only brought to our lives, but to our community. I genuinely fell in love with the business of retail during these years and knew that when I grew up, I wanted to create a career that would merge my appreciation of retail, community, people and content.

Q. How long have you been following and actively shaping the retail industry? 

A. In high school, I participated in a program at Nordstrom that invited high school seniors to learn about the “behind the scenes” jobs within the retail space. From that moment on, I knew I was hooked on retail.

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Q. When and how did RetailMinded come to life?

A. I’ve been fortunate to work within the retail industry ever since I was in high school and founded Retail Minded 12 years ago. I was inspired after I worked for companies that included Nordstrom, Adidas America, Sears Corporation and Franco Sarto Footwear, among a few others. Additionally, over these same years I was grateful to have worked with companies on the client side that included Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Dick’s Sporting Goods and many other leading merchants. Collectively, these experiences led me to wanting to support independent retailers and that’s what ultimately provoked me to start Retail Minded.

Q. Being a highly regarded guru in the retail industry, you’ve worked with many outlets, can you   

tell us about some collaborations and platforms on which you are featured?

A. There are many fantastic media outlets and platforms that offer retail insight and I’m grateful to have contributed to many of these, including Forbes and Entrepreneur. Additionally, I regularly contribute to a variety of industry publications and podcasts. I’ve also been fortunate to author my first book and am currently working on my next one. Outside of traditional content, I have been a guest on The Today Show, CNBC, NBC, ABC, NPR and other media outlets and continue to actively offer expert insight to worldwide.

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Q. Can you enlighten us on some of the 2020 predictions and how they will affect businesses?

A. As we look ahead to 2020, I think customers will increase their demands and expectations among merchants – both online and offline – and as a result, we will see a stronger need for enhanced customer care. While convenience will remain a key attribute to commerce success and customer acquisition, I believe the experience will become a heightened priority. This will include a combination of digital, tech, voice activated and traditional customer experiences.

Q. What are some non-negotiable tools retailers should be implementing now to thrive in this time of    retail renaissance?

A. Plain and simple, customer service. This truly is what can help the retail renaissance continue to thrive.

Q. How does the buying behavior of Millennials and Gen Z differ and how does it affect the retail industry?

A. These consumers are savvier than any past generation when it comes to price comparison, expectations and even the ability to be brand loyal or not. Retail competition is tough, and they know it. Keeping this in mind, retailers need to be at every touch-point they are. The path to purchase is not straight and offers various, often unexpected, twists and turns. Because of this, retailers must be responsive to Millennials and Gen Z’s in their preferences to how they want to shop.

Q. In a world where virtually everything can be purchased online, what can independent retailers do to drive both – new and repeat customers into their physical stores?

A. Creating memorable, dynamic shopping experiences that are not just about the inventory but rather about the collective experience of shopping is a must for retailers to thrive. You want to create moments that your customers should want to repeat and brag about to friends and family.

Q. Should retailers be putting more emphasis on the socially and environmentally conscious consumer?

A. It’s always important to know who your audience is and when it comes to supporting the socially and environmentally conscious customer, this is key, as well. Is this your customer? Could it be? Should it be? From here, start to identify ways to support this audience through inventory, as well as, store actions including front facing operational procedures and behind the scenes efforts.

Q. What is one of the most common questions you’ve been receiving? 

A. I get asked all the time if retail is dying and I can assure you, it absolutely is not. It is simply evolving as it always has but at a much more rapid pace than ever.

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