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Committing to writing a monthly article was not something that I took lightly, however, I did immediately say YES! There are so many inspiring conversations that emanate from this space. One of my favorite aspects of my job is participating in the various topics of discussion and seeing how different people respond to the information and feedback received. There is always something that I can share and something new and interesting that I can take away.

Lately I have had a lot of conversations on the major shifts in the retail sector, technology and the change of consumer behavior. Obviously, this has been evolving since the early 90’s with Amazon but we can all see that as technology advances our behavior changes. Jump to social media and see a whole new dialog generating between businesses and their consumers. It’s so easy for us to connect with a brand, product or person in real time now. Interacting, sharing our opinions and experiences that actually allow us to play a role in building a brand. Our relationships and connections grow, businesses react and we continue expect to more. This modification of our expectations and behavior I find intriguing. It’s interesting to think about how powerful it is for companies to utilize and develop these relationships with us. Introducing what’s “new” at an extremely fast rate make us feel valuable as we help a business to stay ahead of the curve and yet at the same time vulnerable if we are not on top of the latest trends.

Ultimately, I think it’s really the consumer that has all the power, with the ability of sharing our views on a product or experience in real time. We share intel with our communities and the world allowing us to take rapid actions in building loyalty or repugnance. I enjoy being able to engage in this manner and seek out at a faster pace of what interests me, but it will never replace the feeling I get when I walk into a well curated store. It will never replace the emotional charge I get when I am inspired by a cascade of gorgeous textiles draped over the arm of a sexy settee. Or the gleam of a halogen reflecting off the high gloss glaze of a vase. It will never replace the delight of a fresh scented candle or fresh flowers… never.

Shopping is emotionally charging, it tickles all of our senses. Retail has evolved in this digital age because it had to. With the inception of the “Experiential” we get back the opportunity for honest personal exchanges between people but with a new spin on it. Technology is the vehicle it’s not the end, so let’s learn how to navigate through it and use it. Embracing it will provide you with new opportunities. You can see the change of human behavior happening all over, in your favorite stores, on line and on the floor of NY NOW. Come and explore, discovery through the aisles is the way to go.

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Amy Loewenberg

Buyer Relations Manager

914 421 3277