Trendspotting: What Retailers Should Know About Home Goods in 2018-2019


implementation is a must if you want to generate excitement around your home
goods and interior décor categories. While home décor trends don’t die out as
quickly as trends in the fashion industry, you still need to stay on the cusp
of interior trends in order to motivate customers to purchase new, stylish items
for their home décor needs… or wants. A basic knowledge of over-arching trends
is also necessary if you want to establish yourself as a leader in the home
décor category – whether you sell online, offline or both.

Without further
ado, let’s explore some of the hottest trends in home décor in the year ahead
and how you can expect to see them implemented by various retailers in the
coming year.

High-Tech Concepts and Designs

Customers are
willing to pay a premium for home décor products that break the mold. Since the
advent of 3-D printing recently overtook the fashion world, interior designers
and architects alike have been clamoring to implement technological advances
into the creation of home goods. The trickle-down effect of the 3-D printing
craze is that home furnishing manufacturers are on the lookout for new ways to
use traditional materials. There is also an uptick in creative,
multi-functional furniture designed to help customers get the most use out of
the piece in small or limited spaces.


As Business
reports, “
shouldn’t only look pretty — it should also solve a problem, and one problem
that plagues college students, renters, and small homeowners is how to make the
most of their space.” Keeping this in mind, 3-D printing can help fill a
consumer market at more affordable price points that other home goods. Factor
in the impulsive purchase behavior of many consumers and this is a trend you
won’t want to overlook.

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Sustainable Micro-Trends

reported that sustainable luxury was key in 2017, but at this point
sustainability is more than just a fleeting trend… it’s the way of the future.
However, there are micro-trends within the broader category of sustainable home
décor that depend on what factors scientific data most recently attributed as
the harbinger of climate change. One of the micro-sustainability trends we are
currently experiencing, for instance, is that customers are looking for durable
goods that will withstand the test of time.

reports, “after a record-breaking year of catastrophic destruction due to weather and climate
change – and with similar natural disasters expected to increase in intensity
and frequency in the coming years – resiliency
is becoming the new sustainability.” When you consider this for your core
audience of consumers, also consider what home décor products in particular
that your customers would gravitate to. From dining goods to interior
furnishings to wall art, the opportunities are abundant for you to explore for
your store.

Deep Definition and Drama

Expect to see
an acceleration of the deep, intense shades of blue, green and black that stole
the focus at the beginning of 2018. In other words, don’t hold your breath for
light and airy shades this summer but instead expect to see inventory ranging
from interior accessories to patio cushions in intense jewel tones. Look for
refined structure and dark definition in home goods via a pervasive matte black
being hailed as the new “IT color” for 2019.

As WGSN tells HouseBeautiful,
“We’ve seen matte black across the fashion and beauty worlds, but for 2019
expect to see matte black across interiors and homewares too. From the
residential to commercial market, expect to see bold, refined designs that
create a sense of drama.” Additionally, WGSN explains that “it’s quite an
about-turn from the ubiquitous Millennial Pink.”

Bringing it All Together

The year ahead
promises to be an exciting one in innovation and home décor. Materials will be
used in new ways to make people’s home space function more efficiently, while
style will not be overlooked. This year’s focus on innovation, sustainability
and refinement means that stale design schemes just won’t cut it anymore. The
future of home décor is happening now – with such products as extendable tables and 3-D
printed furniture
hitting the market – so it’s essential to focus on design
and to aim for innovation with every product you feature on your retail floor.

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