Meet BRAID & WOOD Design Studio

BRAID & WOOD Design Studio based in San Diego, CA creates modern & minimal plant hangers for the indoor plant lover. BRAID & WOOD is proud to be woman-owned and operated and we strive to create beautiful products that will elevate the look and feel of indoor plants.

The BRAID & WOOD product line is a collection of unique one-of-a-kind plant hangers that allow indoor plant lovers a new way to style and display their favorite houseplants. BRAID & WOOD products serve not only as modern pieces of wall décor, but they allow houseplant lovers to add a touch of green into any space in a contemporary and thoughtful way.

The BRAID & WOOD product line began in 2019 in the 1,000 square foot apartment of BRAID & WOOD’s owner Jennifer Braidwood. “My kitchen island was where I prototyped, designed, and built my first 1,000 products. My second bedroom became my fulfillment center, and my guest bathroom posed as a shipping box and bubble wrap storage facility,” said Braidwood.

Since 2019 BRAID & WOOD has moved the business out of Braidwood’s apartment and into two separate design and fulfillment centers, one based in the United States and the other in Mexico. All BRAID & WOOD products are to this day still meticulously hand-assembled and made from high-quality materials like stainless steel and natural hardwoods like maple, white oak, and dark walnut. “We have met some amazing business partners and suppliers along the way that help with creating the products at scale, but when I first started, I was doing it all myself,” said Braidwood.

BRAID & WOOD products were created in an effort to offer consumers an innovative way to display plants in their homes. “I wanted the products to serve a function but also look like art,” said Braidwood.