IMPULSE! was founded in 2002 with the mission of bringing a sense of indulgence and a splash of colour to hotels, restaurants, clubs, and retail stores in the United States — through special accents and finishing touches to enhance any setting. Through fabulous glassware, beautiful ceramics and decorative objects found in all corners of the world, we introduced an exotic and quite exciting look and feel to a market that we felt was ripe for innovation.  Through a mix of textures, colours and a spirit of daring design, we encouraged our clients to experience and explore, to consider the unexpected and welcome new combinations and design influences.  We were fortunate enough to be welcomed by the design community with open arms, and were encouraged by the burgeoning landscape of innovative hotel development and exciting brand evolution at the time.

Fast-forward several years, IMPULSE! offers a full range of design, development, sourcing and supply services to Hospitality and Retail clients in over 45 countries.  We focus on commercial food service equipment as well as guest room supplies, spa / bathroom amenities, meeting room accessories, finishing touches for corporate offices, private jets, luxury yachts, royal palaces … and so much more.  

Welcome to the world of IMPULSE!

The Common Dilemma
All too often we see stunning mood boards, design concepts, renderings and descriptive summaries of how an interior should look. What is lacking, however, is a means to obtain the desired outcome. Sources to obtain products that execute the look and feel are not proposed, and if they are, they are often suggested through retail channels or at prices that just are not workable in a commercial setting.  Without a wholesale manufacturer who can actually design, develop, and supply products to execute the desired aesthetic, clients are left in a lurch.

The IMPULSE! Approach
We incorporate a holistic approach into all that we do.  We view every Hospitality brand as unique, with a personality of its own that deserves to be seen, heard and experienced.  We aim to carry our client’s vision through every guest touch point.  We want your brand to sparkle and shine, and stay in the mind of every visitor. From the tiniest of details to the grandest of finishes, we will make sure that your brand stands out in the crowd and that your selection of products throughout your property are exclusively yours.  

Having such broad access to manufacturing expertise, we are able to offer economies of scale throughout the procurement process and most efficient ways of sourcing.  

Competitive Advantage
In addition, we are able to incorporate a client’s design aesthetic across multiple production materials offering a “one stop shop approach” that just makes sense.The end result is that we can offer a comprehensive solution to build a brand, at best possible pricing – delivered to your door, worldwide.We manufacture at over sixty locations in twelve countries, engaging the most skilled artisans, technicians and craftsmen worldwide.