Roots & Jones

I am the Founder and Master Craftsman of Roots & Jones. The company I started in KY with my grandfather as a way for me to get back to roots and learn his craft of pen making. My Grandfather is a master woodworker, pipefitter, and plumber, who can handle anything that requires tools. He used a lathe to turn pens as a hobby for many years. But he never sold a single pen for profit. He gave them away as gifts. In 2018, I spent a couple of weekends as his apprentice, learning the basics of pen turning. I was hooked to the art and craft of taking little pieces of wood and creating something you can actually use.

I graduated with a Finance degree from the University of Kentucky in 2019, and in 2021 I bucked my very comfortable corporate day job to take Roots & Jones to the next level. In that time we have gone from 2 retailers to over 70. Partnering with world class destinations like Buffalo Trace, Biltmore Estate, and many others. We specialize in telling stories through our pens. We use reclaimed materials such as Bourbon Barrels, wine barrels, exotic hardwoods, and even wood from your property to make one of a kind pens.

My mission is to craft the best pens the world has ever seen, worthy of the best stories anyone can write. More than that, I want to enable a new generation of writers to pick up their pens and begin. We all have a story to write – and the story of Roots & Jones has only begun.

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