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Mark Kroeker had a roving childhood. Traveling with his missionary/teacher parents, he lived in the diverse cultures of Turkey, Iran, and Western Europe before moving to the United States. This nomadic upbringing and social milieu left a lasting impression, an influence that continues to inspire his work today. Kroeker graduated from Parsons with a degree in fashion design and since, has worked in the luxury industry for almost 30 years. In 2015 Kroeker launched TEJEN.

“TEJEN, is my quest to create beautiful and desirable luxury products, inherently sustainable – embellishing the world we live in – responsibly.” – Mark Kroeker

TEJEN’s elegant exploration of minimalism in fine jewelry is inspired by an ancient/modern aesthetic. Collections created with considered proportions and unique details form sculptural, modern objects of art. Master craftsmen cast ethically sourced 18K Fairmined gold into solid or fluted volumes set with precious stones – some featuring TEJEN’s signature Capstone setting which encases five diamonds in gold, creating the illusion of a diamond in a cage.

New designs complimenting TEJEN’s Signature Collections include suites of diamond-dipped gold, Art Deco-inspired high jewelry, and a new selection in black pearl, black opal & colorful lapidary. Generational Heirlooms – Totemic and Everlasting

TEJEN’s minimalist fine jewelry collections are available at select luxury boutiques and online at: TEJEN-COLLECTION.COM

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