Devi Arts Collective


Devi Arts Collective is a women-led jewelry brand born out of the inner-desire and willful purpose to connect with people. We create accessories that when worn, are an expression of the bold, the confidant, and the vibrant qualities in our truest selves.

We represent the individual who is searching for something unique, grounded by nature, and inspired by the world. She thrives from the rush of spontaneity, the spark of a human connection, and although she’s adventurous, her lifestyle is led by an ethical conscious that she adheres to as her personal responsibility.

Our collective has been formed on the importance of people, community, and connection. We strive to create strong partnerships with creative women and unite them across the globe.

Founder, Bayoush Mengesha, had a dream, and with Devi Arts Collective her dream has been vivaciously brought to life!

She wanted to own her beauty and confidence while shifting the perspective that responsibly made jewelry can also be accessible and affordable. She’s passionate about empowering women, lifting women up, and giving women a voice and the confidence, they need to not only succeed but thrive as they build upon their skills and pursue their inner passions. Through the responsible operations of Devi Arts Collective, her dedication to mentorship, and the hard work that goes into each piece, she wants her jewelry to become a statement that allows the human wearing it to confidently express who they really are without having to say a word.

Bayoush has spent the last 20 years traveling the world being endlessly inspired by the beauty in everything! From the connection created in a simple conversation to her abstract interpretations of the patterns in nature to the texture on a door frame to the pattern on the floor, she is constantly absorbing every detail around her and using these moments to influence her creative process.

Many of her pieces pay homage to her proud Ethiopian background and the strength of her family heritage while representing her ornate interpretation of the world and simple moments that show up in each piece she creates. She designs her jewelry to reflect function and form, while being strong, unique accessories that can enhance your every day.

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