It all started with my first born, when my friend from Germany sent a gift. A smaller version of what is now Cherapy. As a Massage Therapist and a new mom, I fell in love with it and found my perfect all-natural pain relief for my family, my clients and myself.

In 2009 everything changed, when I was nearly killed by a drunk driver and had to give up massaging.
Plan B had to kick in and I remembered that all my clients have been asking for this.

So, I took the opportunity and started working on a new venture. Cherapy is a very simple but very powerful tool, to help relieve most aches and pains and truly is a wonderful gift for the whole entire family.

Not only do we try to help with aches and pains, but we also run fundraisers for people in need. Our mission
Is to make a positive difference in everyone’s life.

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