JAB Fine Art & Design LLC


I’m a multidisciplinary artist creating zero waste jewelry, wall art, and light fixtures for people, public realms, and the built environment. The range of goods available through my business allows me to make sustainable work, using 100% of my source material. I believe art is a unique conduit for shared experience and that even the most everyday object can provide an opportunity to make that experience positive. I discovered acrylic while searching for a resilient, lightweight, and colorful material to make the kind of art that anyone and everyone can have access to for just that reason.

The process I use to make this work is simple. I get full sheets of acrylic (including remnant acrylic from the distributor) and use a laser cutter at a local maker space to cut out wall art inspired by my fine art practice. Once the main piece is made, I use the remaining acrylic from the outside of the cut to make light shades (with shelves and dividers in the works). The tiny cutouts from the interior are collected and arranged into one-of-a-kind jewelry. Literally, no two are alike.

I believe that the best work comes from moments when thoughtfulness and skilled making intersect so I pursue both in equal measure. My studio is currently located in Pittsburgh, PA where I handmade everything myself, although my 7-year-old and bunny really try their best to help.

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