MetaLace Jewelry


Inspiration for my art and adornment originated from my travel and study of East Asia and Africa. I named this art MetaLace, the metamorphosis of metal and lace, unorganized, twisted wire, representing “order out of chaos,” handwoven into works of order, shape, beauty, and purpose.
Designs for my work are influenced by nature, the woven basketry of African women’s co-op groups, the seasonal woodblock prints of Hiroshima and Hokusai, and a familial heritage of lacemaking.

Created using traditional fiber techniques, these non-traditional works of handwoven precious metal wearable art are sometimes accented with pearls and semi-precious stones, handcrafted glass, or re-purposed fibers. Each piece of jewelry in my studio line and collections is personally created by me in my studio and some are one of a kind or commissioned pieces. MetaLace challenges traditional notions of adornment for women and men, both in scope and materials.

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