Soothe Our Souls – S.O.S PJs and More



Soothe Our Souls is a female-owned apparel company that sells all-natural stylish and comfortable women’s luxury loungewear that includes pajamas, robes, dresses, sarongs, jackets, and accessories. What started with super-soft pajamas – made for women by women – the company evolved into a design house that makes clothing and accessories to soothe women’s daily life challenges.

Founded by a mom of two on a trip to Jaipur, Dee Dee discovered the softest, most soothing, and most comfortable fabric she had ever experienced to the touch, and the idea of Soothe Our Souls was born. She started in her basement but the demand from friends and family awarded her the luxury to quit her full-time job as a massage therapist and dedicate all of her time to Soothe Our Souls.

Hand-made in India, the company’s versatile, vibrant, and fashionable designs are all made of 100% cotton that is soft, soothing, and cooling to the skin. Unlike similar products, Soothe Our Souls’ products regulate the body’s temperature due to the all-natural fabric which comfortably and effortlessly shapes the skin.

The relaxed, silky, and calming material can be worn day or night and is made with detailed, unique block printed fabric, a new global design trend, that features the rich, vivid colors and design for which Indian fabric is renowned.
All products are made at a textile company in India that employs local women artisans to carry out India’s traditional block printing, a process of printing patterns using engraved wooden blocks that is the earliest and simplest method of textile printing.

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