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Noelle and Eric met in college, Noelle’s first day of pottery class. They were friends for a while and played chess while candling wood kilns together. Eric graduated and continued his exploration of clay through apprenticeships while Noelle finished her degree and studied abroad. They became pregnant in Noelle’s senior year of college. Within a year, they had a baby, got married, moved, started a business and Noelle graduated college (on Mother’s Day)! ZPOTS and Grayson Z were born just a few months apart. They named their business after their 1st child. Now, 22 years later, 2 more children (homeschooling them all), and a beautiful life woven, they celebrate everyday in making ZPOTS. “It was a gift, this body of work, to raise our family and have the freedom to cultivate a lifestyle that kept our children in the center of it all.”

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