Nanay, which in the Aymara native language means“how cute,” is a Bolivian company which has been making the highest quality baby and children’s alpaca, llama and cotton knitwear for the past 17 years. We care about having a positive impact on the world by creating products with love and respect for the knitters who produce our garments, the little ones who wear them and nature. Nanay is a socially conscious, Fair Trade-certified company that works with 600 native knitters in the Bolivian highlands.

PRODUCT: Poncho Sweater
Our poncho sweaters are a more modern and fun way to warm up our little ones, they are square ponchos with a high collar, all hand woven in 100% baby alpaca wool, which gives it a soft and fine finish, the poncho has a closure system that works with Buttoning on the sides designed for greater mobility and comfort.
Composition: 100% baby alpaca wool
Buttons: natural
Includes extra pair of buttons for repositioning

PRODUCT: Apple Tree Sweater & Capuchita
Our sweaters and hoodies are hand woven in 100% baby alpaca wool, which gives a soft and fine finish to our garments, perfect for cold days and giving a fun touch to the outfits, they do not use buttoning and have hoods with colored interiors, Finished cuff, waist and hood in RIB knit which allows a good fit to the body. Composition: 100% baby alpaca wool