Meet Sasha Association for Craft Producer

Sasha is a leader in enabling artisan communities and businesses to reach global markets sustainably. A guaranteed fair trade organization from India, working with crafters, artisans, and women enterprises for more than four decades. Enabling and empowering producer groups and communities to build successful and sustainable businesses.

Our range covers home and living, fashion, wellness, children, and gifting. Our strength lies in the skills, knowledge and experience of our artisans and our ability to co-create with artisans and designers to fit current trends and market/buyer requirements. The range offers a plethora of contemporary lifestyle products for Home and Gifting. These papier-mache products are specially made for those who love nature and want a little piece of nature in their homes. Very romantic and refreshing, like an episode from a fairy tale.


August 08-11, 2021  |  Javits Center