Meet {save} skincare

We are {save}. We deliver clean, natural skincare suitable for all skin types. We operate with conscience, we respect people, resources, and the planet.

Caring about women’s health and beauty is our business, but we’re so much more than a beauty company. Being a female-owned company since the beginning, we recognize the strength and power of women and the important role that women play in society.

We are committed to sustainable and fair labor practices at each step of our manufacturing process. We value our people and treat each employee with fair and friendly work conditions. Our family company is built on trust and friendship. We believe that creating a great work environment with fair pay and safe, sensitive working conditions is not only the right thing to do but, in the end, results in a more successful business.

Our mission is to use highly biodegradable ingredients, so that our products can decompose into natural elements, returning to the earth with no harm. We put this same amount of care and thought into our packaging, using recyclable packaging that meets requirements regarding cleanliness, hygiene and traceability throughout all processes and ensures that packaging respects the environment. During the manufacturing process, we use minimal amount of water and energy, thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques such as cold processing and using LED lighting in all our facilities. Even our printing company is chosen for its low carbon footprint. {save} also takes steps to minimize any pollution emissions during every step of the manufacturing process.

All our products are made of nature-derived ingredients and they are a result of our love for natural beauty and our planet. The formulations are clean, without unnecessary additives, are 100% vegan, and are cruelty-free.