August 14-17 | Javits Center NYC

NY NOW – The New York Gift Show is the largest home and gift wholesale tradeshow.

Where brands, designers and buyers gather to connect and discover a world of inspiration

NY NOW is the modern wholesale market for retailers and specialty buyers seeking diversity and discovery. Gathering twice a year in America’s design capital, New York City,  it’s where buyers and designers unearth a refreshed and dedicated collection of eclectic lifestyle products. 

NY NOW is the best platform to build brand exposure. To generate leads and write orders. To customize. Right now.

PPC Why Attend

NY NOW® is your gateway to the world of eclectic design. Where color, shape, texture, and aroma speak in a unique language. Twice a year, an in-person wholesale market in America’s design capital. Research and plan your itinerary, connect, and order, then return digitally post-show. Keep the spirit of unearthing treasures alive year-round.

PPC Why Exhibit

To spotlight your product. You’ll have the eyes of a diverse group of seasoned retailers and specialty buyers hunting for standouts for their shops. Whether it’s handmade baskets, hand thrown pottery, modern metal jewelry, baby ware, bath oils and soaps, tabletop, gourmet foods, outdoor accessories for the home.

11 sections across more
than 35 product categories

NY NOW offers a diverse market layout to allow you to showcase your products within a section that best suits your brand. Where brands come to stand out and buyers come to set their business apart from the competition.

Accent On Design®

Experience cutting-edge design with innovative approaches to jewelry, handbags and pillows in every fabric and color imaginable, delighting your showcase and your customers alike. Learn More


Polish off your collection of jewelry, bags and lounge wear with a trip to the Accessories section, offering eye-catching, modern designs for women and men. Learn More

Artisan Resource®

Tour the world in the Artisan Resource section, where you’ll discover earthy pieces and specialized techniques from creators from around the globe. Learn More

Baby + Child

Fall in love with the tiniest expressions of style in the Baby & Child section, delivering essentials and extras for clothing and toys, bedtime, and bath. Learn More

Beauty + Wellness

Breathe in an unforgettable sensory experience in the Beauty + Wellness section, sprinkled with handmade soaps and rich scrubs for every skincare devotee and candles and diffusers in the most adored aromas.  Learn More

Gift + Stationery

Feel the joy of a personalized message on beautifully illustrated notecards in the Gift + Stationery section, punctuated with letterpress and engraving tools for a customized finish Learn More

HANDMADE® Designer Maker

See fine art skills come alive in the HANDMADE Designer Maker section, with a beautiful mix of fabrics, wood and pottery crafted by passionate artists who will share their process and pieces. Learn More

HANDMADE® Global Design

Journey across the globe in the HANDMADE Global Design section as you encounter uniquely crafted, one-of-a kind artifacts that lend fresh colors and textures to any space. Learn More

Home Design

Discover premier products for every room of the house, indoors and out. Learn More

Luxury Lifestyle

Pop in the Luxury Lifestyle section where posh accessories meet precious metals, reflecting any customer’s style, from classic to edgy—and spotlighting new categories for your store. Learn More


Feast your eyes on tastefully designed serving ware, and sweet and savory samples in the Tabletop section, adding a burst of flavor to your selection and a dash of excitement for your customers. Learn More