Meet The Glory Days Co.

We’re so excited to introduce you to THE GLORY DAYS CO. We are committed to encouraging families who are loving and raising children with disabilities, developmental delays and/or medical complexities. Our mission is to provide organizational tools and merchandise that will aid families like ours in the day-to-day, while providing community and inspiration as they navigate their unique parenting or caregiving journey.

Our daughter’s Down syndrome diagnosis at birth has etched deep grooves into our hearts. We are optimists. We believe in comeback stories, inclusion, and love. We aim to equip our community to run their race with confidence.

Our personal experience inspired our signature product, The Glory Days Daily Planner. Designed with the special needs parent in mind, our pages are minimalist but holistic. Each page intentionally provides space for everyday life, as well as space to plan for medical appointments, intervention therapies, IEP meetings, and much more.

Our planner isn’t the only support we offer families like ours, either. The Glory Days products have evolved with our community’s needs. Today, we supply multiple paper products to complement our signature special needs daily planner.

It’s not about perfection, or even organization. It’s about alignment with what matters. What our families do every single day is with the intention of helping their children thrive. They deserve products uniquely designed to support them in the role they’ve been called to. They deserve a brand and a community that understands their unique parenting journey. These are their glory days.