Tips To Have A Successful Digital Market




Complete Your Profile

Let others know a bit about yourself and your business to maximize your Digital Market experience and networking opportunities.

Select LIVE Events & Experiences

Our one-click registration for LIVE sessions on the Experiences tab makes it easy to sign up for LIVE events. You can even watch LIVE events while you’re searching products with a minimized video screen!

Search & Use Filters For Discovery

The more you search, the better the recommendations our powerful AI technology offers you. Use the keyword search field and filters often.

Build Your Product Wish List

As you discover your favorite products, add them to your wish list so you can make your buying decisions later from your My Event page.

Build Your Brands & Makers List

As you find your favorite brands and makers add them to your wish list so you can make your buying decisions later from your My Event page.

Schedule Appointments With Brands & Makers

The best part about a LIVE event is making real-time connections to make the best buying decisions. Schedule those appointments using the “Book a meeting” function in each digital booth and be prepared for video conferencing during the Digital Market.

Use The Chat Feature To Ask Questions

Not sure yet if you want to schedule a meeting with someone? Use the chat feature from the brand’s Digital Booth page to ask questions in real-time.

Visit Your My Event Page To Manage Your Customized Experience

View your saved lists of Brands + Makers and your Product Wish List, view your registered events, export your meetings to your calendar, and more.


Visit the Forums and Community Section to expand your networking connections, seek out or share new resources, or even ask for assistance from likeminded professionals.

Download The Mobile App

Search “NY NOW Digital” in either the Apple or Android store


Be Ready

From Oct 1st attendees will have access to the Digital Market so be sure to have your digital booth ready with your products added and team member profiles updated.

Reach Out To Buyers To Schedule Meetings

Use the “Communities” tab to connect with buyers and then use their profiles to set-up meeting requests or talk with them directly. The Digital Market is a two-way street so don’t just wait for buyers to come to you!

Invite Your Existing Buyers To The Digital Market

Contact your existing accounts and prospects to register to the Digital Market and visit your booth. Use this link.

Be Available During The Digital Market

Responding quickly to a meeting request or a question in your chat window is very important. Buyers are short on time so responses should be rapid. Be logged into digital booth on your desktop or mobile device and watch for notifications.

Enable Notifications So Buyers Can Easily Reach You

Select “Settings” from the drop-down in the top right corner of the Digital Market desktop app and ensure email notifications are turned on.

Download The Mobile App

Search for “NY NOW Digital” in the Apple or Android stores. Download the app for free and accept notifications.

Look Your Best

Buyers are very visual so make sure your digital booth is branded with your company logo and an eye-catching header image or video, as well as your contact information: Phone, email, website, and social media handles. Add product images in different colors and with packaging so the buyer can see what the product will look like in their store.

Be A Helpful Resource

Some buyers have huge spreadsheets that they need to populate with information for an order to be approved. Let them know that you can simplify their process. Use the chat window to immediately send them the information they need.

Engage With Buyers

Ask them about their retail store and who their customer is? What are their best sellers and why? Share product ideas with them based on their preferences. Ask about new trends they are seeing and what they might like to see you develop. Let them know about your best-sellers.