Meet Umby

Today in 2021, millions of families near and far are on the verge of falling into poverty because of unexpected events like an illness or a failed crop. As we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic and a changing climate, now more than ever, vulnerable communities are especially at risk and least able to cope when a crisis does occur. A safety net has never been more important.

Meet Umby: The umbrella with a story

Umby is built on a simple premise: What if by protecting ourselves, we could protect one another? We create eco-friendly, designer umbrellas that not only protect you on a rainy day but also provide insurance to vulnerable communities.

Our model is simple: one umbrella = one year of insurance.

After years of social impact work across four continents in the areas of education, health, housing, and microfinance, Umby founder Anuja Jaitly, was moved by the way families in need live in a constant state of uncertainty. Without a safety net, everything can change in an instant when the unexpected happens.

At Umby, we shine a light on the power of insurance – and you. With each purchase, Umby gives one year of health, life, agriculture, or disaster insurance to a family in need. As a social enterprise, Umby works with a network of partners including community organizations, grassroots banks, local development agencies, non-profits, and international institutions to provide microinsurance for at-risk families.

Umby is leading the movement to bring awareness and action to the cause of protection. Together we are providing insurance to families in need and creating a much-needed safety net – one yellow umbrella at a time.

Our products, all of which exude our signature sunshine yellow, are a manifestation of our motto: Be Sunshine. By choosing Umby, you can offer a ray of hope, comfort, and protection to a family as they weather life’s inevitable storms.

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