Exhibitor Tips to Have A Successful Market

Invite your customers to the show: Reach out to your existing customer base directly or via social media promotions to let them know you are exhibiting at the upcoming NY NOW show.

Be sure to complete your directory listing by logging into the exhibitor console: Once you have confirmed your participation at the upcoming market, you’ll receive access to your exhibitor console that will provide the information we need in the market directory and to promote your presence at the show to buyers.

Share your new or exclusive products: Let us know if you have new or exclusive products that you’ll be showcasing at the show.  This will help us get you in front of buyers to make it easy for them to find your new items.


Show Special: Special deals are always appealing to buyers – be sure to include them in the information section of your company profile.

Follow us on social: Like + follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Remember to keep your social pages updated.

Read the exhibitor manual: Download the pdf version and make sure you send in the required forms on time. 

DO: Stand up and greet attendees in the aisle. Buyers are much more likely to connect when you make eye contact and smile.

DON’T: Sit in the corner of your booth with your arms/legs crossed or looking at your phone. Attendees will perceive this body language as closed off or disinterested in engaging with them.

DO: Introduce yourself to your exhibiting neighbors each side of and across from your booth. It’s always good to make new connections and learn about each other’s brands. They may be able to introduce you to some of their buyers looking for the type of products you are offering and vice-versa.

DON’T: Sit chatting with colleagues in your booth. Be mindful of every opportunity to connect/engage with attendees. *If seating is needed, use a tall stool to connect at standing eye level

DO: Offer to watch the booth for a neighboring exhibitor who is alone and may need a bathroom break. They will do the same for you.

DON’T: Enter the space of another exhibitor unless invited by them

DO: Keep product samples at the front of your booth to make it easy for attendees to sample/touch/smell your product without having to enter into your booth.

DON’T: Stand in the middle of the aisle to usher attendees into your booth. That can make buyers uncomfortable.

DO: Thank attendees for spending time at your booth when they arrive and leave. Friendly, polite interactions make it a good experience for everyone.