Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor or a seasoned pro, this page offers a wealth of information, tips, and insights that will help you make the most out of your NY NOW experience. From pre-event planning to post-event follow-up, we’ve got you covered with tons of valuable content, including marketing and branding resources, booth design and merchandising tips, social media strategies, and so much more.

We’re committed to helping you achieve your business goals, and we’re excited to partner with you on your journey to success at NY NOW Summer 2023. Let’s make this a game-changing event for your brand!


july 6 webinar

Exhibitor Strategy: How to maximize the NY NOW experience with Bulletin

This webinar was broadcast on August 3. You can access the recording using the link below. This webinar was to review the best practices and insights on how to maximize your visibility onsite using the Bulletin platform. Also, learn how to master the most important features that will allow you to conclude transactions with buyers on the show site. 

1. General overview of Bulletin including profile pages + Features
2. Using Bulletin as part of your on-site/at-show strategy,
3. The Bulletin experiences at NYNOW
4. Live Q&A


Access recording HERE Passcode: Fx$Cc.0H

july 6 webinar

This webinar was broadcast on July 6. You can access the recording using the link below. This webinar was to review all operations-related topics including:

• On-site set-up hours
• On-site access during set-up
• Move-in target date and processes
• Show hours
• Move-out target and processes
• Live Q & A

Access recording HERE Passcode: s4R%3aiN


This webinar was broadcast on June 14th. You can access the recording using the link below. The webinar provided an overview of Show Services for the NY NOW 2023 summer market, presented in partnership with Freeman, and covers important information you need to prepare for your event.

These are a few of the key takeaways from the webinar:
1- Accessing your online resources
2- Show services overview
3- Shipping and material handling
4- Important show information
5- On-site tips
6- Q&A

Access recording HERE Passcode: U7i*8e%s

Measuring Your Success

Watch this brief video for tips about measuring your success when exhibiting at NY NOW.

Defining Your Strategy

Watch this brief video for defining your strategy when planning to exhibit at NY NOW.

Tips to promote your presence at NY NOW

Watch this brief video for great tips on marketing your presence at NY NOW.

Furniture Tips

Watch this brief video for Furniture tips when planning to exhibit at NY NOW.

Shipping & Material Handling

Watch this brief video for Shipping & Material handling tips when planning to exhibit at NY NOW.

NY NOW Electrical Tips

Watch this brief video for Electrical tips when planning to exhibit at NY NOW.

Bulletin Onboarding

Watch this brief video for steps about setting up your profile and uploading products on Bulletin.

Budgeting Tips

Watch this brief video for great budgeting tips when planning to exhibit at NY NOW.

Understanding the GSC Role

Watch this video and learn tips on understanding the General Services Contractor role.

Welcome First-Time Exhibitor Program

This video provides a high-level overview of the First Time Exhibitors program and what to expect

Your First 4 Steps for Success

Once you have confirmed your booth, here are some things you need to do to begin planning it.


How to Generate a New Revenue Stream in the World of Corporate Gifting

Part three of this compelling 4-part webinar series hosted by Luxury brand expert and Educator, Marilisa Barbieri.

Session 3 – Designing a corporate gift collection: The Product Offer

• Reframing existing products
• Choose the occasions and recipients
• Personalized B2B gifts
• Q&A

BONUS Decision Matrix

Balancing People, Planet and Profit: Integrating Generosity into Social Impact-Driven Brand Stories

The International Social Impact Institute series Part 2

Hosted by Liz Ngonzi, Founder & CEO of The International Social Impact Institute.

Moderator: Dondrill Glover, Sr. Content Producer + Sr. Buyer Relations Strategist.

During this session participants will work to determine which part(s) of the social impact equation — People, Planet and Profit – integrating into brand mission statements. Participants will generate mission statements and organizational social impact stories using The International Social Impact Institute’s Impact Story Development Framework

Booth Display and Show Set-Up – Tips and Best Practices

Join Host – Helen Joffe, Rising Artisans and Handmade Consultant as she shares key tips and best practices when setting you your booth and displaying your products.

New Exhibitor Webinar for NY NOW Summer 2022

Join the NY NOW team to learn more about the tools and resources available to you to have a successful exhibiting experience at the Market!

You’ll hear from Operations Director, Mike Edson, and Customer Success Manager, Desiree Weissgerber, tips and tricks that they’ve learned over the years with their combined four decades of experience working in the trade show industry.

You won’t want to miss this informative webinar!

How to have success at a Wholesale Show – Part Two

Part Two of this educational Live Webinar Series with Diane Sulg, Executive Director of CRAFT​

Topic: Selling success at the Tradeshow

This live session will cover Booth Must’s:
– Lighting
– Eye-catching Color (examples)
– Organization
– Place to ‘do-business’
– Storage + seating
– Booth materials for doing business (examples)
– Booth protocol
– Post Show essential tactics

How to generate a new revenue stream in the world of Corporate Gifting – Session 2

Session two: Art of Business Gifting Presentation.

In part two of this compelling webinar series, learn about clients key priorities when shopping for corporate gifts:

• Form vs Function, Size, weight, personal note cards
• Packaging for the delivery
• The Delivery and unboxing experience
• Price range and Volume discount
• Timed arrival dates
• Contract Pricing
• Samples – Case Study: Las Vegas Casino gifting requirements
• Q&A

How to have success at a Wholesale Show

NY NOW two-part Live Webinar Series with Diane Sulg, Executive Director of CRAFT​

SESSION 1 – How to have success at a Wholesale Show… and FUN doing it!​

This live session will cover:
Why Exhibit at a tradeshow​
What is your tradeshow goal
How to achieve it​
Product line review
How to get your pricing right​
Understanding Retailer pricing
How retailer prices impacts YOUR retail prices​
Line sheets, minimum orders, shipping
…and so much

How to generate a new revenue stream in the world of Corporate Gifting Pt 1

Learn about the lucrative world of Corporate Gifting and gain tactical insights into how you can expand your business into this specialized channel with this four-part webinar series hosted live by luxury brand expert and educator Marilisa Barbieri.

Session 1 – Understanding the luxury corporate gifts business includes:
• What are corporate gifts
• Why the gifting strategy become a priority for companies during and after the pandemic
• Why they can be additional revenue for your business
• What you need: The business model
• Case Study: Montblanc
• Q&A

Growth Opportunities for Luxury Brands in Corporate Gifting

The pandemic changed the game of corporate gifting from simply a routine to a business priority. Learn in this webinar insights on how luxury brands tap into this business opportunity by developing dedicated product collections and cultivating strategic relationships with key players.

Case Study
Why luxury brands embrace Chinese New Year celebration within the corporate gifting strategy

10 tips to succeed in the Corporate Gifting Business

Marilisa Barbieri Bio
A luxury business expert with an MBA and Interior Design & Arts degree, Marilisa Barbieri helps companies elevate their brand value and increase sales of products and services by revealing proven sales strategies employed by top luxury brands. She has worked with French and Italian luxury companies to achieve consistent growth and profitability. As a business consultant, Marilisa instructs a number of courses and programs to guide clients through structured business plans and ad-hoc digital branding. Visit to learn more.

Balancing People, Planet and Profit: Developing Social Impact Driven Brands

Join us as we welcome Liz Ngonzi, Founder & CEO of The International Social Impact Institute and Adjunct Assistant Professor at The Center for Global Affairs at New York University, as she presents Balancing People, Planet and Profit: A mission-driven 3-part series to inspire and activate buyers and exhibitors to integrate social impact into how they run their businesses, and into their decisions regarding those with whom they conduct business, how and where they source their products, and the philanthropic efforts in which they engage.

Our first session will expose participants to the full spectrum of social impact that balances people, planet, and profit, using case studies from multinational and small-scale brands worldwide with a grounding in #GivingTuesday — the global generosity movement. A framework for assessing social impact will be introduced along with a tool that will enable participants to communicate their mission and commitment to social impact. Join us Monday, November 22 at 2:00 PM EST. Click the link in the bio to reserve your spot now!