Statement and Criteria

Accent on Design® showcases the latest and most innovative design objects spanning all categories of product. The criteria for acceptance includes:

  • Original, creative and authentic product design
  • New and innovative use of materials and/or process
  • Products that address and solve problems
  • Consistent and continuous new product line introductions
  • A focus on contemporary design (as perceived by the committee)
  • Functionality

Handmade® is a unique and upscale juried forum featuring international and domestic artisans and designers of only the finest handcrafted merchandise.  The criteria for acceptance includes:

  • Developed line(s) of unique and original work
  • Authentic design
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • High level of presentation/booth display

While we supply each committee with these guidelines and criteria, they are responsible for their own interpretation of our guidelines and as such make the final determination on which lines are recommended for the respective section(s). We respect the knowledge and input each of the committee members brings to the review process and as such we do not override their decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is on the committee?
    • Each committee is comprised of 5-6 independent professionals in the craft or design field including artisans, retailers, museums and designers.
  • How often do the committees meet?
    • Applications are reviewed for Accent on Design® and Handmade® twice a year, in the early fall for the winter NY NOW® and early spring for the summer NY NOW®.
  • When will I receive notification of the committee’s decision?
    • You will be notified by email within 2-3 weeks of the committee’s decision.  It is not necessary to call to inquire about your status.

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How to Prepare an Application Packet for Accent on Design®Handmade® Designer Maker or Handmade® Global Design
Hundreds of applications are received each season. Consequently, the application packet that you submit is very important; as it is the only opportunity you have to present your line to the committee(s).  It is important that your application is both thorough and concise. When preparing your application please keep in mind your submission should include:

  • Designer Statement/Company Bio
    Your statement should include your inspiration/vision, how long you have been in business, how and where your products are made, what materials are used, previous trade show experience and what differentiates your line from others within the category.
  • Product Catalog/Brochure
    If you do not have a catalog or brochure, please include images of your product line. You should include enough images to give the selection committee a thorough understanding of the type of products you plan to exhibit. If you represent a number of lines or are an individual maker who produces in several different mediums, you must include information for each line.
  • Wholesale Pricing
    Your price points help the selection committee determine whether your products are compatible with the price ranges supported by NY NOW buyers.
  • Booth Display Photo
    A photo of your current/planned booth display assures the committee that you will present a clear, creative and professional booth display at NY NOW. It also provides an image of the scale and full range of your work. If a booth photo is not available, please submit a sketch/rendering of your planned presentation. A carefully conceived plan demonstrates to the committee that you are aware of, and sensitive to, the fact that your presentation is as important as your product.
  • Buyers List
    Include a list of your top 15-20 current accounts. This list will help the committee understand what types of stores buy from your company

Additional considerations:

  • Do Not Assume the Committee Knows Who You Are – NY NOW® invites knowledgeable professionals to review applications; however, they may not be familiar with your work. You should assume you are presenting your work to someone who is seeing it for the first time.
  • Overall Presentation – Be creative in your presentation but remember your application should be professional, well organized and easy for the selection committee to review. Please do not send over-sized portfolios.
  • Get A Second Opinion – Find a colleague or a friend to review your application. Ask them to imagine they are completely unfamiliar with your work. After five minutes, ask them to relate their impression of your application.
  • What Not to Send – Do not send USB drives/CD’s/DVD’s or any samples that must be returned

The guidelines outlined above are presented by NY NOW® as suggestions to better help you prepare your application. The final decisions about which applications are selected for exhibit space are made by the members of the selection committee and are based on the previously stated criteria. While a carefully prepared and complete packet will enhance your application for exhibit space, it does not guarantee your acceptance into the market.

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