Luxury Lifestyle at NY NOW was born out of a desire to create a visual landscape of curated designers, fostering an environment of community over competition. Offering an elevated aesthetic, this section has always been an event standout: attendees praise the timeless elegance of your exquisite drop earrings, intricate statement pieces, precious gems in vibrant colors, textured mixed metal, and so much more.

Our mission is to give designers a space to create and own their unique brand identity, and to bring a diversified roster of established retailers to discover and shop. This “show within a show” provides a rich experience for all, and we’d love for you to join us.


Introducing CURATED at Luxury Lifestyle, a reimagined initiative poised to elevate emerging talent in the realm of luxury. Formerly known as the Emerging Fine Jewelry Designer Incubator, this program offers an exclusive gateway for designers to thrive, fostering a vibrant community, cultivating success, and refining a distinctive perspective that commands attention within the luxury sphere.

In the exhibitor list below, you’ll see a “(EFJDI)” beside the Winter 2024 brands who exhibited as part of our inaugural program.



women wearing navy blouse from Alashan cashmere company

Alashan Cashmere Company

gold necklace from 12th house

12th HOUSE (Curated)

gold necklaces from alex monroe

Alex Monroe

women wearing gold bracelet from Annette Ferdinandsen

Annette Ferdinandsen

NYN Clouds

British Jewellery & Giftware International

gold ring with colorful diamonds from Ciara Bowles

Ciara Bowles (Curated)

gold necklace pendant from Cindy Liebel Jewelry

Cindy Liebel Jewelry

gold earrings from Claudia Vallejo Jewelry

Claudia Vallejo Jewelry

NYN Clouds

Collection 1304

gold rings from Crevette Design Studio

Crevette Design Studio (Curated)

women with hand to chest wearing gold necklaces and rings from Dana Rebecca Design

Dana Rebecca Designs

Women with hand to face wearing rings from Danielle Gerber

Danielle Gerber

women wearing silver necklace with a flower pendant from Danielle Josie Welmond

Danielle Welmond

3 rings from Deborah Meyers

Deborah Meyers Experience (Curated)

women wearing gold necklace from Dorian Webb

Dorian Webb (Curated)

Women wearing Bracelets from Eden Presley

Eden Presley Fine Jewelry

women wearing silver bracelets from heather guidero

Heather Guidero Jewelry

NYN Clouds


gold necklace with green pendant from Hilary finck Jewelry

Hilary Finck Jewelry (Curated)

women wearing earrings , rings and bracelets from isiera

i seira (Curated)

women wearing silver necklace from janis savitt


women wearing bracelets and rings from Julie cohn

Julie Cohn Design

gold earrings from Karin Luvaas

Karin Luvaas Jewelry (Curated)

leather handbags from Latico Leathers

Latico Leathers

gold earrings on a leaf from Leia Zumbro Jewelry

Leia Zumbro Jewelry

LFR Studios

LFR Studios (Curated)

gold earrings from Lindsey L. Allen

Lindsey L. Allen (Curated)

women holding a camera with hands over her mouth wearing ring from MACADAM

MACADAM (Curated)

women wearing necklace and rings from Mercurius Jewelry

Mercurius Jewelry (Curated)

gold necklace from Metier by tomfoolery

Metier by tomfoolery

women wearing rings with hands to the face from Nikki Lorenz Designs

Nikki Lorenz Designs

women holding handbags from sarah stewart

Stephen Wilson Studio

women laying down wearing rings and earrings from Stone Everett

Stone Everett (Curated)

two bracelets on a rock from Sunlit Fine Jewelry

SUNLIT Fine Jewelry (Curated)

women wearing necklace from Svetlana Lazar

Svetlana Lazar (Curated)


gold necklace and bracelet from Tamsin Rasor

Tamsin Rasor (Curated)

NYN Clouds

Thompson Ferrier LLC

gold bracelets from Urbaetis Fine Jewelry

Urbaetis Fine Jewelry