Winter Market Happenings

Harlem Choir

Oh Happy Day!! Put your hands together! C’mon, y’all. We’ve got The Harlem Gospel Choir in the house!
10 a.m. on February 6, opening day of the NY NOW Winter Market, by the information booth.

The world-famous performers mix contemporary gospel with a touch of jazz and blues. With
power vocals, sensational sound and infectious energy. Foot stomping and amazing choreography
They’ve toured the globe, thrilling audiences with their dynamic power. Come, be inspired. Don’t miss out!

NYCGO Promotions

Start spreading the news! NY NOW has some amazing promos! For attendees and out-of-town visitors to the NY NOW WInter Market. Take advantage of deep discounts through NYCGO promotions. To:

NYC Broadway Week.The best theater!

NYC Restaurant Week®  Dining for all tastes!

NYC Must See Week. Museum, Popups and happenings around town.

NYC Hotel Week. Shave off a bit from your bill.

Be a part of it!

Crystal Palace Product Display – curated by Ilene Shaw

Enjoy a sneak peek of the NY NOW Winter Market! With a best of sustainable and
new and emerging brands display in the Crystal Palace. Curated by design and branding
visionary Ilene Shaw. A trained artist and product designer, Shaw has a honed eye for exceptional
details and her finger on the pulse of cultural branding. Tap into her keen insights, a benefit
to brands, retailers, designers and artisans alike. Learn more

Gift + Stationery “Floor to Store Exclusive” installation curated by Amy Loewenberg

There’s something seductive about the best Main Street Stores. Amy Loewenberg feels it, as she peeks through shop windows to intriguing goods. So, she is creating a Floor-to-Store Exclusive installation to re-create that experience. Where senses are tickled through a myriad of colors, textures, sounds, smells that speak our language. Amy delights in spotlighting her IG tours. Now she invites you into hers: reflecting the kinds of treasures she
likes to find. Explore, discover, and be inspired by outstanding products from some of NY NOW’s Stationery + Gift brands.

Meet Our 2022 Exceptional Black-Owned Emerging Talent award winner Manuel Beckles

This award is NY NOW’s first. And you’ll have an opportunity to see a showcase of modern stone carved African sculptures from Zimbabwe that began with the passion of one collector. Manuel Beckles founded Shona African Sculptures in 2015 and has nurtured the evolving, growing movement. Some of the most recognized Shona artists now command more than six figures for their one-of-a-kind works, crafted from beautiful regional sedimentary stones including opal, butter jade, cobalt, and serpentine in a wide range of colors. Join us in our launch of honoring Black-owned emerging talent.

Show Us Your Order Sweepstakes

Show us your orders! And take a chance to win $$$$! Entries accepted every day of NY NOW
February 6-9, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Crystal Palace Information Desk Sweepstake daily drawings at 3:30 p.m.

NY NOW Webinar & Trendspotting for IG with luxury business expert Marilisa Barbieri

Up your game!  Want to grow your opportunities for luxury brands? 

Tune in to the LIVE NY NOW Webinar

Date: January 27, 2022

Time: 2:00 p.m. ET 

Your host: Luxury business expert Marilisa Barbier. A coach with cred: She holds an MBA and degree in Interior Design and Arts.

Description: The pandemic has changed the game of corporate gifting from simple routine to business priority. Gain insights into how luxury brands tap into this business opp. Trendspotting. Developing dedicated product collections. Cultivating strategic relationships with key players. All these topics plus more in play.

TRENDSPOTTING ON SITE with Marilisa Barbier at the NY NOW Winter Market, February 6.

NY NOW IG Takeover with Stephanie Cohen

Stephanie Cohen Home is known for clean style with opulent flare. Much of her inspiration draws from world travel reflecting a diversity of cultures. So, with an eye for color, form, pattern and appreciation for a range of ethnic styles, she will showcase her picks for on-trend product at the upcoming NY NOW Winter Market. Her commentary will provide a context to showcase local and up-and-coming talent. Valuable intel for buyers, designers, and brands.

HANDMADE “Visionary Narratives in Global Handmade” installation curated by Dondrill Glover

A truly special installation by Dondrill Glover enables us to see her passion, global handmade, through her lens. Over the years, she has absorbed its ethos in social impactful design principles, history, culture, travel, personal journeys, and aspirations. Her wanderlust is addictive, expressed through lifestyle products for the consciously inspired destination home. Her enthusiasm is contagious. And we are thrilled to have her share the dots she connects. We’ll see an aesthetic richly layered in an eclectic mix of heritage-rich textiles, patterns and naturally woven fibers, heirloom relics and objects. A rare opportunity to create statement home decor.

NY NOW Sustainability Story

We’re committed to saving the planet. We all can make a difference. Here’s what NY NOW is doing during market:

*  Eliminating waste by nixing carpeting in aisles

*  Using colorful directional and sustainable decals on the show floor

*  Providing recycle bins for lanyards

*  Stocking water coolers with eco-friendly paper cups

*  Highlighting sustainable products in the Crystal Palace display

*  Hosting Sustainable Design Awards 

NY NOW Daily Giveaways

Totes Adorbs!!

The first 2,000 buyers who pick up their badges on opening day will get NY NOW tote bags!

See you on Sunday, February 6, at 9 a.m. sharp!

Bon Appetit!

And on Monday, February 7….same time, same station….

the first 1,000 buyers who pick up their badges will get $25 Gift card!

You know what they say about the early bird….

NY NOW Winter Market Product Awards

The NY NOW Awards provide an important opportunity for our community to recognize brands who have stood out for their innovation and design, their dedication to designing sustainable products, and those incredible emerging brands.


Sensory overload? Take a few moments. Head to the BuddhaBooth, your “om away from home.” As few as three minutes help de-stress in this quiet, portable booth. A holistic escape. Buddha Booth is an integrated wellness company offering virtual and live workshops, meditation instruction, Mindsets, a kit of self-care and mindfulness tools in a box. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul –at the NY NOW Winter Market.