NEW YORK, NY, February 3, 2015… Through two awards programs, seven Accent on Design® exhibitors were recognized today for excellence in product design, innovation and creativity – with the Accent on Design Awards determined by a committee of design professionals, and the Accent on Design Bloggers’ Choice Awards selected by design influencers. Accent on Design, which is presented semi-annually at NY NOW®, the Market for Home + Lifestyle, runs through Wednesday, February 4, at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

“Accent on Design has been a great platform to showcase outstanding design and these two award programs allow us to highlight exemplary design talent in the field,” said Jaime Sikorjak, Accent on Design sales manager. “We’re delighted to tap into the expertise and influence of the judges, whether design professionals or electronic influencers, to spotlight notable talents among our 150+ juried participants.”

Four exhibitors received the Accent on Design® Awards: Elyse Graham (Los Angeles, CA) for Best Collection; Eastern Accent (Sudbury, MA) for Overall Excellence; TALLER® (Mexico City, Mexico) for Best Booth Design and MISC. GOODS CO. (Louisville, KY) – an exhibitor with The American Design Club – for Product Innovation.

Accent on Design Bloggers Choice Awards went to three companies: gentner design (Chicago, IL) for its brass dustpan and brush set selected by Marisa Marcantonio, Stylebeat; Marset (New York, NY) for its FollowMe table lamp selected by Danielle McWilliams, Design-Calendar and Robert Siegel Studio (Los Angeles, CA) for multi-use designs that work as tumblers, vases and even household organizers, picked by Marcia Demirjian, The Grommet.

The details for the awards are:

Accent on Design® awards

Best Collection: Elyse Graham (Los Angeles, CA) for her unique combination of materials and highly skilled technique and craft. Her vases are hand-cast in a balloon and then dried. The balloon skin is popped to yield a vase that is then coated with an interior border made of resin pigments. The collection of functional art also includes mirrors, home accessories and jewelry.

Overall Excellence: Eastern Accent (Sudbury, MA) for its consistently superb selection and presentations. The diversity of product – from desk accessories and body care to tabletop – is a faithful vision of owner Masayuki Muramatsu, whose mission is to use high-end, mostly handcrafted Japanese modern design to deliver design inspiration around the world.

Best Booth Design: TALLER® (Mexico City, Mexico) for its clever product presentation, designed by industrial designer Valentina de la Garza. Utilizing a layered approach, the exhibit space incorporates large steps to maximize height and effectively showcase product. A black background features images of the company’s furniture designs created using white vinyl tape, demonstrating the scope of TALLER’s offerings beyond those showcased at the booth.

Product Innovation: MISC. GOODS CO. (Louisville, KY) for its Coil Coffee Chiller, a ceramic device which can drop the temperature of fresh coffee over 150 degrees in minutes, without the use of ice. The original design and concept is produced in the USA. The company exhibits within The American Design Club.

Bloggers’ Choice Awards

In addition to the Accent on Design® awards, three bloggers from noted design and trend-watching sites each were invited to select one product, representing “urgent, odd and delightful design,” from among Accent on Design’s 150+ exhibitors. The bloggers and their selections for the winter 2015 edition of NY NOW are:

Marisa Marcantonio, Stylebeat: Beautiful brass dustpan and brush set from Gentner Design (Chicago, IL).

“Cleaning can be done in style. The Gentner brush and metal dustpan makes a functional object beautiful through its high design and elegant materials, elevating an everyday activity from being a chore to a delight. Both the brush and pan hang from a wall hook making storage stylish so the pieces look great in use or at rest.”

Danielle McWilliams, Design-Calendar: Marset (New York, NY) for its FollowMe table lamp designed by Inma Bermúdez.

“A light for all occasions, this cute little LED is portable and rechargeable. It’s fun and functional – the perfect accessory for bloggers like us who are always on the go!”

Marcia Demirjian, The Grommet: Robert Siegel Studio (Los Angeles, CA) for multi-use designs that work as tumblers as vases and even as household organizers. “Handmade in small batches, Siegel’s ceramics are saturated with color, adding warmth and sophistication to any home décor. Robert Siegel’s designs are functional and beautiful.”

For more than 30 years, Accent on Design has highlighted a juried collection of nearly 150+ established and emerging brands that deliver cutting-edge, design-focused merchandise across a variety of product categories. Criteria for acceptance by the Accent on Design selection committee include: original, creative and authentic product design; new and innovative use of materials; products that address and solve problems; consistent and continuous new product creations; a focus on contemporary design (as perceived by the jury); and functionality.

NY NOW’s comprehensive collections – HOME, LIFESTYLE and HANDMADE, as well as NEW! exhibitors – encompasses 100,000 products in 400+ product categories. Attendees from all 50 U.S. states and more than 80 countries worldwide are expected. Information and registration are available online at


NOTE: Product images and a group award presentation photograph is available upon request.  Contact to request images.