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Work From Home Décor and Directional Trend Forecast

In this presentation, we will walk through the importance of the work from home category for both retailers and brands. The presentation walks you through the trend direction of work from home in the home décor and fashion sectors, aligning fashion and home to create a style that is individual and on-trend.

Grateful Gathering: Transforming our traditions as we entertain for Holiday 2020

Join Global Trend Ambassador Patti Carpenter as we head home for the holidays. Amid COVID-19, and during this transformative age, we will learn about the forces impacting how we socialize, entertain and gather in the ‘now normal’.

Anti-Racism + Social Impact

This critical hour will explore ways social enterprises and do-good brands can begin addressing power dynamics within their business. Manpreet Kalra will discuss the importance of going beyond performative allyship and incorporating systemic change in the way you talk about, think about, and run your business.

Today’s Craft Renaissance – A Textile Art Exhibition

“Today’s craft renaissance can be seen particularly in textile art. This is led by Indigenous artists who have revived customary techniques as a way of strengthening their community. We look at examples from First Nations artists in Australia as well as North America. For non-Indigenous artists, the slow process of weaving is a way of connecting with deep time in both nature and human history. This is reflected particularly in Australian tapestry art. We conclude with a reflection on what a “craft renaissance” might mean in the 21st century, particularly with the challenge of a finite planet.”

Dr Kevin Murray is an independent writer and curator, Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and co-founder of Garland Magazine. 

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A Deep Dive Into The NY NOW Digital Market

Join the NY NOW Digital Market journey and see first hand how this powerful, functional and easy to use lead generation tool will provide your brand access to a global community of retailers and buyers seeking diversity and discovery.

Learn more about the next generation of lifestyle brands being carried at luxury, mainstream, and hospitality retail — and discover how these executives have been able to navigate, innovate, and even thrive through uncertainty. Our panelists will explore how brand-retailer partnerships are evolving, why this category is so compelling, and how to prepare for pent-up consumer demand — all with a keen eye towards e-commerce, D-to-C, and brick & mortar.

NY NOW® and Emerald, along with Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference (LMCC) are proud to present this very timely crossover global talk.

Whether you’re a new exhibitor to NY NOW, a long-time exhibitor ready to bring your presentations to a new level, or you simply want to ‘up’ your booth design skills — this webinar is for you!

Get booth design insight through the expertise of these industry leaders and benefit by their unique vantage points.

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Learn how to create great product videos for your website, IGTV and other social media platforms using your mobile device. Award winning Filmmaker/videographer JP Pacca will share his top ten tips and tricks for capturing and editing your product videos to engage your customers and drive sales.

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Interior Designers often roll their eyes when clients bring up Pinterest. It can be a point of friction between your expertise and the clients desire to save money. But it doesn’t have to be. Now more than ever it is important for designers to leverage digital platforms to build business and sustain themselves, especially during this global crisis. Garette Johnson will present business strategies to show you how to use Pinterest to partner with clients, ease tension and build a virtual consulting business.

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Based in NYC, Tony has taught photography lighting at FIT and Parsons New School of Design, and teaches photography workshops for the APA and is an educational source/ambassador for a myriad of corporate clients. For this webinar, he will share tips and tricks for ‘DIY’ product photography, covering product photography using point + shoot cameras as well as cellphones, lighting, angles, backgrounds and photography apps.

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Interested in using Pinterest for your jewelry business? This presentation will run you through the basics of setting up your account in order to best leverage the platform to drive traffic to your site.

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Have you had to close your storefront due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Expanding online and opening up your web store has never been more important. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to get your products online, what happens when you make a sale and how to enhance the browsing experience. Following this session, we’ll talk to a Lightspeed customer about how they used their web store to complement and optimize their brick-and-mortar. Join us to get online and start selling.

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Join Robin Kramer of Red Boot Consulting for an important and informative discussion about navigating brick and mortar business in today’s challenging climate and the tools to use. She will be talking with lifestyle store owners and the 2020 NY NOW Retailer of the Year Award, Chad Anglin and Amy Paul of Pigment, joined by gallery owner Joe Porcari of the Artful Hand gallery, and jewelry designer and owner Alyssa Kuchta of f.y.b (Follow Your Bliss) jewelry.

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